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Meetings & Events

• FACC is a volunteer-run group that offers drop-in charting circle meetings and educational talks about the menstrual cycle in the Edmonton area.
• Everyone is welcome to attend regardless of gender or knowledge level.

Learn what they never taught you in sex ed:

• Fertility Awareness can deepen a woman’s knowledge of her reproductive health through all stages of life. It is an effective alternative to hormones, chemicals, barriers, and other methods of preventing or achieving pregnancy.

• The menstrual cycle is more than just a reproductive event. When a woman consistently observes this cycle it is a window into her overall health and well-being.

Provided at each meeting:

Intros for those without charting experience: overview of reproductive physiology and introduction to Justisse Method of Fertility Awareness.
Follow up for those that are charting: individual chart review and discussion on a specific focus topic. Follow up topics are chosen based on the knowledge, comfort level and learning goals of those participating and may include:

  • Focus on mucus observation; charting and interpretation; and identifying peak vs. non-peak mucus.
  • Identifying fertile and non-fertile days. Introduction to recording and interpreting the BBT shift.
  • Review and evaluation of BBT. Introduction to checking cervical position for the purpose of identifying fertile period.
  • Review and integration of all three signs – mucus, BBT and cervical position. Exploring body awareness and additional body signs of a woman’s cycle.
  • Benefits and challenges of charting.
  • Nutritional considerations.