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What is FACC?

FACC (Fertility Awareness Charting Circle) is a group of volunteers who believe that reproductive knowledge is the foundation of reproductive empowerment and choice.

FACC offers comprehensive Fertility Awareness training and follow-up in a supportive group environment in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

What is Fertility Awareness?

Fertility Awareness is the general term for a consistent and reliable approach to observing, recording and interpreting the signs of female fertility: cervical mucous changes, the basal body temperature shift, and secondary signs such as cervical position.

Fertility Awareness may be used for the prevention or achievement of pregnancy, and to deepen women’s knowledge of their reproductive health through all stages of life.

At FACC, we use the Justisse method of teaching and charting.

What does FACC do?

FACC offers comprehensive Fertility Awareness training and follow-up in a supportive group environment. This encouraging social atmosphere increases the learner’s exposure to variations in women’s menstrual cycles and improves their ability to accurately identify fertile and infertile periods within those variations.

In order for Fertility Awareness to be an effective means of pregnancy achievement or birth control, we recommend that new learners receive feedback and guidance from experienced Fertility Awareness charters or trained practitioners. FACC connects its participants to those resources. We also provide referrals for women whose reproductive health needs fall outside the scope of our current programs.

Follow-up sessions help the learner to identify their strengths and successes as well as areas that require clarification or improvement.

FACC Philosophy

FACC’s organizers believe that knowledge is the foundation of reproductive empowerment and choice. We believe that reproductive knowledge should be available to all women and men, and should remain sensitive to and inclusive of people of diverse genders, sexual orientations, and cultural, social, religious, ideological, and economic backgrounds.

We recognize that sexuality and reproductive choices are deeply connected to differing belief systems. As such, we ask that all members and attendees of FACC charting circles and discussion groups remain respectful of and sensitive to other people’s beliefs.

We also ask that members and attendees:

  • use respectful dialogue to encourage maximum participation from each individual.
  • protect the privacy of others, and maintain the confidentiality of any personal information or issues that may be shared in charting circles or discussion groups.

FACC Goals

  • To teach women and men about the physiology of the female reproductive cycle.
  • To provide a uniform method of recording and interpreting the information collected by observing the body’s fertility signs.
  • To create a safe and encouraging social environment where women and men can talk about their progress at learning and implementing charting skills.
  • To learn from each other’s struggles and successes.
  • To make Fertility Awareness knowledge affordable and available to everyone.
  • To invite new members to participate in the collective at any level that they choose and contribute to expanding FACC into the community.
  • To provide new or potential Fertility Awareness instructors with an opportunity to practice teaching and increase their skills and knowledge in this field.