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Media Coverage

Is the Birth Control Pill Losing Popularity?
Alberta Prime Time CTV News,  October 25, 2016

Rose Yewchuk, Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner, addresses concerns of the birth control side effects and educates about fertility awareness methods for natural birth control. Watch the video

Fertility Awareness and You
GUTS Canadian Feminist Magazine,  June 2, 2016

For many, hormonal birth control is becoming an increasingly difficult pill to swallow. Fertility awareness advocates are interested in increasing people’s understanding of their bodies and the options available to them. “For those who aren’t ready to have a baby, they’re often told that the birth control pill or some other hormonal contraceptive is their only option if they want a reliable method,” Yewchuk says. “Bodily illiteracy is keeping generations of young people on contraceptive hormones without letting them know they have another choice.” Read more

The HPA Axis & Addressing PMS/PMDD ~Q&A Today ~ A Period Positive Glossary

Blood Cycle Conference,  March 29, 2016

Ovstatic (adj.): ovulation + ecstatic | feeling overwhelming happiness or joyful excitement when you see peak cervical mucus (-Chloe Skerlak of FACC Edmonton) Read more

Update 2: #Monthlyblessing, Live, Q&As, Cycle Squad, and More!

Cycle Dork,  March 6, 2016

Our Cycle Squad mischievously edited some iconic pictures to include some “leaks”, in the spirit of Saint Hoax. Here’s one from the Fertility Awareness Charting Circle in Edmonton! Read more

The Fertility Awareness Charting Circle teaches a different understanding of the menstrual cycle
Vue Weekly, February 4, 2016

Using glue sticks, lotions, and lubricants, a community of women in Edmonton is proving there’s more to the menstrual cycle than what was discussed in junior high health classes. Nestled around a table of eight women, Chloe Skerlak stretches a stream of lubricant between her index finger and thumb. Similar to the colour, consistency and sensation of personal lubricant, “peak cervical mucous” (that is, cervical mucous observed near ovulation when a woman is most likely to get pregnant) is clear, stretchy and, well, lubricative, she explains. She uses other substances, like glue sticks and lotion, to demonstrate the regular changes in cervical mucous that occur at different times of the menstrual cycle. Read more

The FAM: Using fertility awareness to avoid or achieve pregnancy
The Griff, March 13, 2014

Cervical mucus is a useful tool in understanding a woman’s menstrual cycle, and avoiding or achieving pregnancy. Roll that around in your mind for a moment: cervical mucus. It’s not something discussed in junior high health classes. Some people might find it unfamiliar or even be grossed out by the thought, but it’s a method that’s proven to work and for decades, a community of Edmonton women have worked to share the good news. Read more

Why is avoiding pregnancy such a hard pill to swallow?
Vue Weekly, September 12, 2007

From 17th century French methods of brandy-soaked sponges, to early 20th century olive-oil-soaked sponges and cocoa butter/boric acid recipes for which women paid $50, to the giant breakthrough pill of the 1960s, to the modern mini pill and the possibility of a male pill, we’ve come a long way. One thing is clear—women have been trying to control conception for a very long time and have overcome more than a little resistance along the way. Read more