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These links are offered as a source of information only and in no way should their presence on this page or any of the information therein be read as an endorsement by the Fertility Awareness Charting Circle.

  • Justisse Healthworks– Fertility awareness education, natural birth control, and holistic reproductive health. Home of Edmonton’s Holistic Reproductive Health Practitioner Program.

Teacher Directories

FACC teaches the Justisse method of Fertility Awareness. However, there are several other organizations in Canada that teach Fertility Awareness or Natural Family Planning, and we encourage you to investigate all of the instructional options that are available in your area.

FA Resource List

These books and websites are very helpful for teaching yourself to chart your cycle, particularly if there is no instructor or charting circle in your area.

Web Resources


  • The Bookshelves: Fertility Awareness Method
  • Kass-Annese, B., & Danzer, H.C. (2003). Natural birth control made simple. Alameda, CA: Hunter House
  • Nofziger, M. (1992). A cooperative method of natural birth control. Summertown, TN: The Book Publishing Company

Thermometer price list

FACC volunteers have compiled a list of locations where you can purchase thermometers suitable for charting. Please call ahead to make sure the product you want is in stock. Information on this list is subject to change without notice.  Click to download: Thermometer Price List 2017